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What are all these print types and which is best for me?

Throughout our site you will see different print types on different items. Most of the time its a standard print type for that item but as often as possible we try to give you an option, especially on the clothing.

Our print types and their descriptions are all listed here below. We hope to soon be adding Gem Tec® and Easy Dome™ to our print finishes as well as embroidery for clothing and workwear.

Used on alot of our items. Special paper is printed on with either Digital or Inkjet printers, cut to size or shape and then 'pressed' to the item with a heat press. We can transfer print on to fabric, metal, most surfaces and other items that cannot be heated we have special water release transfer paper.
What this means for you: we don't have to have items with special coatings, especially on clothing, it means we can offer many more options. Washable upto 40 degrees.
We can now offer full colour transfer including white print on all our clothing and a selection of other items. It means we can print photos and images with white details to any colour of garment.

Similar to the transfer print but the sublimation item has to have a special coating to take the dye sublimation ink. These items are often more durable but more expensive.Washable upto 60 degrees. Sublimation is mainly used on hard coated items such as mugs and keyrings.

Vinyl Cut
For clothing and fabric. Letters and images are cut from sheets of vinyl and heat pressed onto the garment, you can layer up multiple colours to create images and logos. We have a huge range of vinyls to choose from including standard gloss and matt finish to glitter, snakeskin and very popular flock which had a furry finish, used a lot on fleeces and workwear.
Cut vinyl is very durable and we use this alot on sports kits and team clothing, also very good for coloured bags and clothing. Vinyl cut cannot reproduce photos or complex images. Metallic and effect vinyls can be used over transfer print for an additional effect.

Screen Print
On alot of the smaller products such as pens and usb drives screen printing is used to produce the logos. We also use screen print on the large runs for shoppers and clothing as its alot cheaper for bulk orders. Screen-printing is a stencil method of printing in which a design is placed on a fine mesh ‘screen’, blank areas are then coated with an impermeable substance before ink is forced through the mesh in the open areas onto the items surface. 

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